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Enter by Bachelor time tomorrow! 2/8 by 8pm EST/PST!

Welcome to the Boston Bachelor Besties podcast with Robert, Bevin, Chris and me, located all over the country but originating from our little time in Boston. You could win $50 cash money from Robert! Despite Bevin’s and my best efforts to also be eligible for the moola, Robert reminded us that we have to play as Boston Bachelor Besties. We are still in negotiations. It’s not going well.

Enter before Bachelor tomorrow by 8pm! It’s simple and quick. Fill out the form with your predictions of the top five. I included a handy dandy chart below of the ladies left and you can read through some of the recaps if you really want to do some research. Special Guests Katie and Francois reveal who they think is in the top 5 and the winner. And Katie has been pretty accurate – like a Jimmy Kimmel’s wife accurate-type – so I might give Episode 5 of Boston Bachelor Besties a listen titled Katie’s are Heroes. 🙂

How to Play and The Nitty Gritty Rules:

Robert, Bevin, Chris and I are placing our predictions of the top 5 contestants in order of how they place with Matt James.

All you have to do is predict the order of the top 5 and be right over all the Boston Bachelor Besties to win $50. I think you can win $5 if you are the winner overall of all the entries too. So do it! More info is in the Boston Bachelor Besties podcast Episode 5! Comment below with questions!

Handy-dandy chart to show you who is left and don’t forget special guest Heather Martin comes back so I wouldn’t count her out either.