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Leaving the Rose Ceremony in Broad Daylight. Henry the Pig. No sign of Uncle Pat.

The season has begun! Zach Shallcross is on his way to finding love! Sean Lowe showed up to give Zach some advice. Sean is from Season 17 of The Bachelor and has three kiddos with his pick and now wife Catherine.

This season, Bailey, Katherine, Christina, Charity, Brianna, Greer, Brooklyn, Kaity all had introductions, where we visited their hometowns and learned more about them, in case you needed that for your Bachelor Brackets. Katherine and Kaity are both nurses (lotsa those this season) and Bailey lives in Venice Beach, California now. Christina is related to country singer Barbara Mandrell and has a 5-year-old daughter. Charity helps kids. Brianna is a model and already has a rose. Greer is ready for love. Brooklyn is a barrel racer at rodeos.

Who got kicked off: Going home night one in broad daylight were Becca, Cara, Holland, Lekha, Madison, both Olivias (Olivia L., Olivia M.), Sonia, Vanessa, and Viktoria E. Madison was sent home before the rose ceremony. Yikes.

First Impressions and Limo Introductions

First Kiss: Bailey at the limo entrance!

First Impression Rose: Greer

Total Kiss Count: 7

Zach kissed Bailey, Kaity, Christina, Greer, Charity, Jess and Madison.

Brianna has a first impression rose because America voted for her the night Zach was introduced as The Bachelor.

Jess was first out of the limos.

Ariel had a heck of a time getting here.

Charity said her name also means love. I’m not 100 percent sure that’s correct, but that’s ok.

Anastasia wore a pantsuit.

Mercedes brought a pig named Henry.

Davia popped champagne. Now we’re talking.

Greer came in in a low-cut, high-slit red satin dress and also brought a beverage – coffee from New York. I have doubts that is the same cup of joe.

Gabi brought maple syrup from Vermont.

Bailey wore a name tag. And got a kiss. She was one of the five ladies he met before the show started. I think he likes her.

Lekha licked him.

Genevie forgot to introduce herself by name. Zach pointed out he did the same thing on his season with Gabby and Rachel.

Katherine brought sunscreen.

Vanessa from Baton Rouge, Louisiana threw beads.

Olivia M. found two pennies in her suitcase.

Holland said, “You had a date in Holland last season. And my name is Holland. I think why it didn’t work out last season is because you were in the wrong Holland.” Yowza.

Christina brought a party bus complete with games! Christina’s Compatibility Questionnaire. She drew pictures on cards that had an either/or option. For example, Zach had to pick either the mountains or the beach. Christina was really excited about her shark drawing. It was cute. Christina stays.

Christina’s parents split and her dad now lives in Telluride, CO her dad. She has a mountain tattoo on her ribs. When she got to the card between dinosaur or dragon, she chose dinosaur and Zach chose dragon. Christina seemed so invested and said whyyyy. She was very concerned he chose dragon over dinosaur. I gotta say I’m with Zach on this one. Dragons all the way. Fun game.

Madison went up to Zach three times and shared a not-so-great kiss. On her last chat with Zach, she asked if he was feeling it. And Zach told her he was not, and sent her home before the rose ceremony.

The rose ceremony went into the early hours of the next day.

Henry the Pig. You’re welcome.

The Bachelor is back Monday night at 8|7c on ABC.