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Hannah G. with the words this time. “I want someone to jump a fence for me.” Houston, we found Colton. And It Broke OUR Hearts. All of the tears.

I think if we’ve learned anything this season it’s that we need and we all want fierce, fence-jumping love. The Portugal fence is the true winner of the bachelor. They replayed the fence jumping scene. Still, the best part after the jump  was the fact that the fence turned out to be automatic and slowly opened while Chris Harrison and crew went in pursuit of Colton.

After a recap of the previous episodes, we saw behind the scenes as the crew searched around 11:45pm at night for Colton on the streets of Algarve, Portugal. Cameras were everywhere flashing their lights searching in the brush and down the street. Chris Harrison said they were going to search for another 20-30 minutes before they called the police.


A van finally found Colton walking down the streets. In an interview, Colton said that he came back because he heard something in the brush. The producers caught up with Colton. Colton kept walking. The cameramen followed him and began filming again. Chris Harrison finally caught up to Colton and tried to keep pace. He asked what Colton was going to do and Colton said he didn’t know. He didn’t have his phone, only his wallet and he was done with the show. Chris Harrison talked him into the van to get him back to the hotel room. In the van Colton cried, “I’ve been through enough of knowing I’m not enough for a long time and every reminder of that just makes me stronger so I’m OK with it.” OMG my heart is breaking. YOU ARE ENOUGH, COLTON! I repeat. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

“What part of tonight makes you feel like not enough?” Chris Harrison asked Colton. Well, duh, what do you think, Chris Harrison? Why don’t you take a guess. Because Cassie left him.

The next day, Chris Harrison visited Colton and was like, “So yesterday was wild.”

Talks with Chris Harrison

Colton: “I was falling in love with Tayshia. I was falling in love with Hannah G. I fell in love with Cassie. I’m going to fight for someone that I love and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Chris Harrison: “Do you think maybe she’s just not that into you?”

Colton: “I think she loves me. I feel like life without Cassie wouldn’t be complete.”

Chris Harrison’s go-to line: “So you tell me where do we go from here.”

Who got kicked off: The first Bachelor to have all of the ladies leave.


And next we have the teary good-bye’s. First up, Tayshia. Everybody pile into the van!

Tayshia handled it like a champ. She was like I’m doing me and I’m not mad about it. She comforted Colton during the breakup and eschewed cameras to talk to him in private when he broke up with her. Below in a tweet you can see she is now living her best life.

Hannah G. Breakup

Hannah G. couldn’t believe it was happening to her.

Colton: “You don’t deserve to be someone’s backup plan. You don’t deserve to be second.”

Hannah G.: “I didn’t want to leave here without you.”

Colton left Hannah G.’s place at night. These are such long days. So many tears. Poor Colton.

After the heart-wrenching break-ups, Colton said, “That’s literally how much I love Cassie. Is that I’m willing to walk away from someone that great.” He got a hug from a producer.

Between each break-up, ABC cut to a live interview with the lady who had her heart broken. They brought out Colton and talked it out and recounted what happened.

Hannah G.: “I can handle way more than I ever imagined I could. It taught me what I deserve and what I want out of life. I want someone to jump a fence for me.”

Then they brought out a group of previous bachelor men, most of which were in a relationship.

The Boys

Ben, Blake, Garrett and Jason came in to talk about the show and where Colton goes from here. Weird.

Ben has a new beau. Jason has a new beau. Chris Harrison has a beau. Garrett has a beau. As far as I know Blake is single and looking ladies.

Blake made a good point that not many people can say that someone did that much stuff for one person – like jump a fence.

Throughout the night we kept being reminded about “And what about his virginity?” Um, no, Chris Harrison, not important. The man’s heart is in pieces on the floor.

Tonight (Tuesday 8|7c) we watch as Colton knocks on Cassie’s door. We also find out who will be our next Bachelorette. Buckle up, Bachelor Fans! It’s the finale tonight!

Tweets from the night: Bless these tweeters.